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An Gaohua launch the worlds most complete portfolio of fiber products

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on April 20,2011

Avago Technologies (Nasdaq: AVGO) announced the adoption of 10 to 120 Gigabit fiber composite products to create a variety of new solutions, and IR3M02 datasheet and will show through the 2011 Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) show with partners and IR3M02 price and customers to jointly develop the technology . The adoption of a comprehensive advanced optical solutions for embedded parallel modules and IR3M02 suppliers and industry standard plug-in modules allow designers to differentiate their products and solve the problem of interconnect bandwidth.

Avagos new optical fiber communications solutions and demonstrated the exhibition are as follows:

Support up to 120 Gigabit per second (Gbps) bandwidth, small size MiniPOD embedded parallel optical transmitter and receiver samples have been shipped

40 for introducing the worlds first high-density Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit applications QSFP + 40G-iSR4 plug-in parallel fiber optic transceiver modules, and will use the new leading manufacturer of top of the cupboard (ToR) data center switch to showcase the technology

worlds first multi-gigabit optical interconnection technology, consumer shows

the use of a Avago SFP + platforms and the latest string of 40-nm devices / and of the devices (SerDes) core interoperability between products, showing 25 Gbps vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) performance

Avago Fiber Optic Products Division, Vice President and General Manager Philip Gadd very pleased about, "Avago will showcase our innovative optical fiber communication optical combination of products and strategic intent, the fiber solution from todays data centers to promote to the future of consumer and home computer applications. With our world class engineering systems as well as lasers, optical detectors, and CMOS integrated circuits to master the innovative technology and unrivaled expertise in the supply chain, technology partners, as committed to our companys differentiated services - to help customers achieve the company and product differentiation. "

Embedded parallel optical devices to achieve maximum efficiency of bandwidth interconnect global communications

Avagos parallel optics embedded in the ASIC or FPGA to allow placement of the proximal optical fiber interface, highest bandwidth interconnect for global communications. These features are beneficial to the next generation of scientific breakthroughs in supercomputer capacity, and high-performance routers, switches, and other enabling cloud computing data center equipment, servers, virtualization and applications such as video-on-demand advantage. Avago MicroPOD embedded parallel optical device is the most compact 120 Gbps optical transmitter and receiver. They have 12 speeds up to 10.3125 Gbps transmit or receive channels, however, consumes only 125 mW per channel. MicroPOD module air cooling and water cooling environment reflects the high performance, suitable for strengthening the worlds fastest supercomputer performance.

MicroPOD electrical interface device has an LGA, the pin size is 8.2 mm x 7.8 mm, suitable for ultra compact embedded solution, and the new MiniPOD array with a 9 mm x 9 Hao Mi MegArray connector, the pin size 22 mm x 18.5 mm, embedded solutions for simplified and easy to manufacture. Avago announces MiniPOD interconnection devices are already shipping samples of its notable features is low cost, removable Removable cable connection and electrical connection can be installed to provide a flexible cable management to simplify design and reduce the exchange and super- the cost of computer applications.

Show the worlds first multi-gigabit high-speed optical interconnect technology for consumer VIA

with the cooperation of laboratory and DisplayLink, Avago will showcase the worlds first multi-gigabit high-speed optical interconnect technology consumer. The show will be powered by a USB 3.0 high-definition cable show (HD) video streams. Such optical interconnect technology breakthrough in the field of computing and consumer electronics limitations of existing copper interconnects, higher rates can achieve a more long-distance data transmission, while still maintaining low cost and low power consumption.

MSA-compliant pluggable optical expanding product portfolio

Avago through a 40 Gigabit Ethernet applications for the new four-channel, parallel QSFP + Transceiver Multi-Source Agreement to extend its compatible plug-in optical product portfolio, with its additional functionality can meet the IEEE 10GBASE-SR requirements of the products to interoperate. The transceiver is integrated in the four data channels, to support each channels data bandwidth of up to 10.3125 Gbps. This provides short-range, multi-channel data communications and Internet application provides 40 Gbps of aggregate bandwidth. The device also allows for various types of 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver to achieve interoperability, compatible with the SFP +, XFP and X2 package module specifications of IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-SR.

Avago OM3 through 100 meters of multimode fiber links show 10GBASE-SR (SFP +) and the new QSFP + 40G-iSR4 module connectivity. The use of two-level model of the new switch suppliers ToR data center switches, display is equipped with two 10GbE SFP + high-performance network interface card connection to the server status, the transmission of real-time data stream sufficient to display multiple high-definition movie trailers .

Avago has announced two new micro-SFP + (MSFP) optical transceivers, Ethernet and storage devices increase port density. AFBR-54D7APZ 8 Gbps Fibre Channel transceiver allows for storage purposes, AFBR-703SNZ transceiver goal is to design a new generation of 10 Gbps Ethernet devices. Both modules can be plugged than the industry standard SFP + transceiver port density 30% higher, and provide the same data transfer performance.

25 Gbps serial interconnect for applications such as display of innovative technology

Avagos booth will display the third 100 meters of OM3 multimode fiber run integrated Avago SFP + product platform of high flow in the high temperature 25 Gbps 850 nm VCSEL, reflects the best in class performance. SFP + will work with the latest Avago 40 nm SerDes core products interoperate. Avago specific integrated circuit (ASIC) adopted a SerDes core technology, for servers, routers and other networking, computing and storage applications extend the data communication bandwidth. Avago will demonstrate its recently announced 28-nm SerDes core products, reflecting the industry-leading 30 Gbps performance.

Attended the announcement news about fiber exhibition, Avago introduced the markets first 14 Gbps optical transceiver platform, containing a 16-Gigabit Fibre Channel SFP + modules and a four-channel QSFP + modules shipped samples.

About Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies is a leading communications, industrial and consumer applications of analog interface components of the leading suppliers. Companies to take advantage of its presence in the III-V compound and silicon semiconductor design and process on the core competitive advantage for more than 40,000 end customers a wealth of analog, mixed-signal and optoelectronic components and subsystems products. Powerful companys customer service, product for the four end markets: wireless communications, wired network infrastructure, industrial and automotive electronics, and consumer and computer peripherals. Avago employees worldwide, the company has nearly 50 years to keep its technology from the HP tradition of innovation. More information about Avago is available:

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