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How to use cable products for the security system

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Based on "wooden rule", at the beginning of the image quality will depend on the worst part of the system, and M27C64A-12F1 datasheet and this is often the worst part of transmission system. System designers and M27C64A-12F1 price and installation personnel have the necessary basis for the selection of appropriate practical means of transmission, high-quality transmission cable and M27C64A-12F1 suppliers and equipment, according to the implementation of professional standards unit, ability to arrive ideal transmission results.

Ordinary video signal transmission using direct modulation to baseband frequency (about 8MHz bandwidth) way of transmission, the most common transmission medium is coaxial cable. Coaxial cable is specifically designed to transmit video signals, the frequency of loss, image distortion, the image attenuation of the reduction was comparable to small, can transmit video signals the completion of a very good position. Mainland common using solid PVC insulated RF coaxial cable SYV-75 series, the commonly used model for the SYV-75-5 (its free relay transmission of video signals ordinary intervals of 500 meters) distant intervals, the use of SYV-75-7, SYV-75-9 or SYV-75-12 coaxial cable (in the practice of engineering, Thick non-relay transmission interval can be arrived at over 1,000 meters); also resolved to add a video amplifier to strengthen the video brightness, chroma and synchronizing signals, but disturb the signal lines will also be expanded, so the loop can not be too much of the video amplifier connected in series, otherwise it will saturate the image, the image distortion incurred; interval further using optical fiber transmission, optical transmission with low attenuation, frequency bandwidth, from electromagnetic waves disturb, light weight, good security and a series of advantages, first and foremost for the backbone of the national and provincial and municipal communications networks, cable networks and high-speed broadband computer network. In the closed-circuit television monitoring systems, optical transmission has become a long interval of audio and control signal transmission as the preferred way.

The international system of coaxial cable for video with RG series, JIS series.

Video signal can be enough to use the data cable (twisted pair) transmission, which use the twisted pair transmission equipment. Used in some special place, twisted pair with is essential. For example, when the construction materials used within the cabling specifications laid by a large number of twisted-pair (specification category 5e or Category 5 cable) and leave the room in the relevant corresponding information Interface (RJ45 or RJ11), then add CCTV does not have to re-routing with time, video and audio signals and control signals can be resolved twisted pair, which is necessary to use the video signal transmission twisted pair transmission equipment. Another was laying on the twisted pair (or two-core sheathed cable) and have reached the front of the cameras image in the control room with the use of premises, twisted pair is also used to transport equipment. Twisted pair video transmission is equipped with front-end function of the appropriate non-equilibrium transport (that is, suitable for 75 coaxial cable) video signals are converted to suitable balance transfer (that is suitable for twisted pair) video signal; the end of the implementation and acceptance Instead of dealing with front-end, the pair resolved to re-convert the video signal coming from a non-balanced video signal. Twisted pair video transmission has expanded with its own role, and thus suitable for long intervals of video transmission.

Not the same as the above transmission, the use of the transmission parts and transmission lines are not the same as all the larger. Communication cable normally used in the configuration of electric pan, electric lens camera device is required in the use of remote control device at the scene decoder. Field decoder and video matrix switching control center communication transmission cable between the hosts, the general use of 2-core shielded cable (RVVP, cross-sectional area of ??each core 0.3 ~ 0.5mm?) Or Category 3 twisted pair (UTP). The basic selection criterion is the communication cable the longer the interval, the greater the cross-sectional area. For example: RS-485 communication rules of the basic communication interval is 1200m, but it works in practice, the jacket used RVV2X1.5 length of the communication line can be extended to 2,000 meters. When the communication interval is too long, the need to use RS-485 communications repeater.

Control signal cable is usually used to control the variable power lens heads and multi-core cable, which one end of the convergence of the controller or decoder pan, electric lens control terminal, the other end directly to the head, the corresponding electrical terminals on the lens. Since the control cable is provided by DC or AC voltage, and common short intervals (sometimes less than 1 m), basically there is no doubt annoy, and thus do not have to use shielded cable. Most frequently used a 6-pin control cable or 10-core cable, such as AVVR6X0.2, AVVR10X0.12 and so on. One distinction between core cable 6 connected to the upper head, down, left, right, auto, public terminals 6, 10-core cable in addition to 6 connected head also includes electric terminals outside the lens zoom, focus, aperture Public four terminals. In the CCTV system, from the decoder to the pan and camera control cable between the shorter the interval comparable to ordinary no special requirements; and the Central Control Room of the controller to the head and electric lens spacing varies from tens of meters, as many a few hundred meters of control cable to have to have the necessary requirements, namely, to a large cross-sectional area, such as the use RVV10X0.5, RVV10X0.75 and so on.

Sound * Cable (audio line) ordinary 4-wire shielded cable (RVVP, cross-sectional area of ??each core 0.5mm?) Or Category 3 twisted-pair UTP. Do not disturb the environment, unshielded twisted pair can also be used, such as commonly used in the cabling category 5 twisted-pair (4 to 8-core), the monitoring system in the * first audio signals to the control room is used point to point wiring, with little power to convey high-pressure transmission, and thus non-shielded 2-core cable can be, as RVV2X0.5 and so on.

Indicate what this particular elevator video surveillance system: the monitoring of the elevator to get people to focus on growing, but the environment is relatively elevator is very special, because moving the elevator car is a very frequent the place, the corresponding the use of the elevator cable video surveillance system is also very special for their own use cable.

Ordinary video cable to comply with a rope move to strengthen core stress occurs when, within the video line of high-intensity resistance conductor requires bending of the conductor data, otherwise it will often break to form the core poor image, the other a variety of elevator disturb very ferocious, also called the video cable core shielded by encryption type, mostly double-braid shield; also has to do with twisted pair video transmission, but the twisted-pair network system to be used with the patch cord, wiring accompanied by lashing the power cables above the sample.

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