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Energy-saving LED-backlit LCD TV, the dimming

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on March 18,2011

Now CRT (cathode ray tube) TV is gradually replaced by LCD TVs, while steadily increasing the number of families to buy, and C393C datasheet and now the U.S. average household has 2.4 units LCD TV, much larger than 1990 sets per household has a The average CRT TV. Although the LCD TV power consumption in each year decreased, the penetration rate has increased year by year to improve each familys total TV consumption in home appliances, LCD TVs have become the main power immediately after the electric refrigerator.

Therefore, a series of LCD TV energy efficiency standards came into being, which is most stringent when the number will be May 1, 2012 with effect from the EPA Energy Star 5.0 standard, especially for large-screen 50-inch LCD TV more mandatory requirement for the use of 108-watt maximum power consumption mode. Energy Star energy efficiency standards for the first time regulated the amount of TVs absolute power, and C393C price and the screen size is different from the previous corresponding relative standard.

Figure 1:64-channel fully integrated LED backlight driver IC region

In the past 10 years, we have witnessed LCD TV signal processing path of the development process: the gradual integration of many functional modules as a single chip, while reducing costs in the fast, energy consumption also will be gradually decreased. Similar to the recent development and C393C suppliers and innovation also occurs in LCD TV power pathway, most notably when the number of LCD TV features the largest unit of energy consumption, or more than 60% of total energy consumption of LCD TVs over LCD backlighting.

As laptop backlight is basically done in the past 2 years from the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) to the conversion of LED backlighting, LCD TV backlight conversion will be completed in recent years. The main effect comes from energy-saving LED above the photoelectric conversion efficiency of CCFL and LED light-emitting materials with the rapid development of technology, the energy saving effect will be more obvious? ? Forward.

The most straightforward of the LED-backlit LCD TV is in use LED backlighting laptop program LED will be more stars in a row, placed in the LCD display up and down both sides. As a result, the LCD TV can keep LED backlight notebook low cost advantages of thin volume, and to retain a considerable degree, and a simple extension of its existing production line and technology, especially for small-screen LCD TV , after all, an effective program. To further reduce costs, or even only one side of the LED backlighting solutions below in the small-screen LCD TVs have used.

Figure 2: Side-type and direct type under the local dimming

This side of the equation (Edgelit) of the LED-backlit TVs into the market, popular for its slim style, widely favored by the market, further improve the LED backlit LCD TV market position, meet the price more sensitive to customers needs. At the same time, from a technical point of view, scientists use LED photoelectric conversion fast speed, the invention of the dimming (Local Dimming) technology, with the side of the following formula or a direct type (Directlit) The combination of LED backlight structure, the entire screen image points 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional region, and within each region based on the contents of display images dynamically adjust backlight brightness LED region, greatly improves the image contrast and color saturation to further reduce LCD TV energy consumption in the same time, the LCD TVs image quality to much better than CCFL TV and PDP (plasma) TV standard for image quality to meet the sensitive needs of customers.

IWatt is the field of LED backlighting regional technology leader, with its power over the years in the field of digital success, as well as LED lighting and smart power market leadership position, its promotion of digital power control technology to LCD TV LED backlight applications. iWatt unique patented technology of adaptive intelligence to automatically detect and compensate for the LED voltage drop (VF) does not match the factors, so that many channels share the same power LED possible, combined with the power of digital power to solve the well-known high-voltage switches and integrated rectifier resistance heat loss problems. In 2010 launched the worlds first fully integrated a 64-channel LED driver chips, replacing the traditional need to use four 16-channel chip, 32 pairs of package high pressure switch, and current sense resistor 64 to achieve the full functionality, The total number of key components will be from the original 576 pin pin pin down to only 88 (Figure 1), while its powerful SPI programmability, so that the chip side of the equation also applies to the area and the direct type Dimming (Figure 2), in the provision of high quality and low cost LED backlighting, while further reducing the energy consumption of LCD TVs, to provide the lowest cost, smallest LED backlighting solutions.

If the world in 2012 is expected to sell 1.7 million units of LCD TV LED backlight side are used under the type or direct type local dimming, will save 30 megawatts of electricity, enough to supply all households in New York City 10 months total electricity consumption.

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