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Given time-controlled lights control circuit

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control on the timing lights, scheduled shut down, need to change with the seasons and LTC1147CS8-5 datasheet and the weather the night to set the length of time on and LTC1147CS8-5 price and off automatically. Automatic control of lamps require a higher circuit reliability. Control box commercially available products of higher prices. Can be combined using common devices designed to control the timing lights switch, so cheap, reliable and LTC1147CS8-5 suppliers and stable performance.

one design

schools and units with automatic bell device, set the digital time display, latched memory and other functions, the circuit is relatively mature, stable and reliable performance. Bell can be set the time and frequency. Use of its time setting function, it would be anyone to count the control signal circuit layout, set the drive circuit according to actual needs, to promote the relay and contactor opening and closing, in order to achieve automatic control of street lamp head to.

the lamp control circuit automatically on a regular set, light control function and manual control. New control circuit shown in Figure 1, the circuit power supply from the internal auto-Bell DC power. Additional power consumption due to a small control circuit, will not cause the power controller bell overload.

the street circuit requirements for automatic control: all bright lights after dark. Shortly after midnight, few pedestrians, in order to save power, turn off half the lights in the morning dawn, all the lights off. In the automatic bell on the set can be: if in the winter, set the night 19 points, all the lights on, playing time is set to 19 oclock bell rang the bell one minute, midnight, 1 point off half of the street, rang the bell time is set to 1 Point Bell 1 minute, turn off all lights as early as 7 am, rang the bell time is set to 7 ring a bell for one minute. Finally, before the next round of the program, set the bell one minute to reset the counting circuit is cleared.

Second, the circuit works

19 points when the first bell sent a signal device, the RI into the CD4017 counter (14) feet, RI resistance according to the input signal to determine the magnitude of the pulse. At this time, counting circuit count, Q1 becomes high from low, through R4, VD1, R7, C3, RIO composition limit circuit, so that VI under the action of the pulse signal turns on more than 2 seconds. Time. JKl electric coil pull-JS1 normally open contact closure. KM1 and KM2 coil was electric as JKI pull, and contacts through their self-locking self-locking would JK1 contacts, while two branches connected to the main circuit, all bright lights.

midnight, 1 oclock in the set when the signal arrives, CD4017 count output sends high Q2, the limit circuit V2 conduction, JS2 pull. JS2 the normally closed contacts disconnect, the KM coil power, self-locking is released, then disconnect the main circuit contacts, half the lights off.

When the signal arrives as early as 7 am, CD4017 send high end of Q3, JS3 pull, normally closed contacts disconnect, KM2 self-locking lift off. Then all the lights go out

set the reset signal when the last arrival, CD4017s Q4-side output high, the VD4, C2, R3 a high pulse to the reset terminal, the counter is cleared and reset for the next - round to prepare for the arrival of the trigger signal. C1, R2 is the role of the first power circuit, given away to the reset terminal CR cleared a high pulse.

set the limit circuit is intended, when the CP side to receive the pulse, the counter output will remain a constant high level, the transistor and relay to power, because the next pulse arrival very long interval of time may result in overheating of the transistor or relay coil burnout. Set limit circuit, the transistor conduction in a short time the relay can only make the circuit to improve the reliability.

light-controlled in part by the time base circuit NE555 and peripheral circuit. When the photoresistor RC by the light, the resistance becomes smaller, its , feet higher than the circuit 2/3VCC, Q-ended output low. V4 is no base current deadline, JO maintain the original state. When night comes, RC, resistance becomes large, when feet, feet below l/3VCC potential, the time-base circuit flip, Q-side output high, the VD8, R14, R15, C7,

R16 limit circuit comprising, a brief guide through the transistor V4, JG pull the coil is energized, normally open contact closure, JK1 pull the coil is energized, the coil to absorb the merger KM1 and KM2 self-locking, all bright lights. Timing lights still off time off to complete the circuit.

light control circuit of the main purposes are: Sometimes changes in the weather Tian An early, need to open the street lighting in advance, this time control circuit only for control purposes. In the case of normal weather, or by the timing control circuit to complete the circuit on and off. Light control circuit also has a use for, when a sudden power failure the night, and later calls the case, can automatically turn lights.

role in setting the manual button was as follows: When the lights during the day and needs an overhaul, just press the start button, all lights will turn on, need to turn off, click the stop button, all lights extinguished. Also, when the automatic control circuit fails, you can temporarily switch to manually control the lights on and off.

control program for more variables can be added in the CD4017 output remaining the same drive circuit and relay, reconfiguration control procedures to achieve the goal in multi-channel control.

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