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Design techniques to prevent damage

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As long as there is danger, although unlikely, there is always the possibility of leading to the accident. Therefore, designers must use all possible methods of inhibiting damage to ensure personnel and M24C01-WMN6T datasheet and equipment from damage.

1. - General principles
security design should not only ensure safety, and M24C01-WMN6T price and should ensure that storage, transportation and M24C01-WMN6T suppliers and maintenance of security.

1) facilities should be broken down in the state or state failure repair is safe.

2) at the site may be dangerous, and should provide visible markers, warning lights or audible warning and other auxiliary means of prevention.

3) a serious threat to the safety of some protective measures should be automatic. Do not be prone to serious consequences damaged part of the layout of the easily damaged (eg, appearance) position.

4) Where the installation, operation, maintenance, safety-related areas, should be presented in the technical documentation notes.

5) For packages containing high-pressure fluid, spring, with a very high voltage energy storage, unloading and maintenance need to dismantle the device should be equipped with reserve release energy structure and dismantling equipment safe and reliable , tools, Luo permit disassembly security.

2. Designed to prevent mechanical damage
the following points should be considered.
1) protection should cover the moving parts. Leads to rotation of the measures, and make warning tags.

2) when the body work and repairs at the orifice must pass, swing parts of the channel mouth, cover or the case should not have sharp edges to secure. Work such as hatch openings or cover the edges must be rounded or cover made of rubber, fiber and other protective material, the width of the hatch should be sufficient to facilitate personnel access or work to prevent damage.

3) and maintenance work needed to move heavy objects, should be put to the right or similar device; but not entirely remove the need to move the mechanical parts, after moving in a safe and stable position. Hinged shell shields the device or cover in its open position should be a fixed device (such as setting the rod), to prevent accidental shut down the accident and injury.

3. Designed to prevent electrical damage
the following points should be considered.

1) the layout of the various parts of the device should be able to prevent the operating personnel close to high voltage. With a hazardous voltage electrical system chassis, exposed parts should be grounded. Should not touch the voltage above 36V. Earth loop impedance should be less than 0.25Q.

2) for high-voltage circuit (including cathode-ray tube can come into contact with the surface) and the capacitor, the voltage is not less than 2s after power
can be reduced to below 36V, the discharge device shall be provided.

3) in order to prevent thermal overload damage or endanger the safety of equipment, the total power supply circuit and branch circuit protective devices should be set.

4) complex electrical system, the location should be easy to operate on emergency power to set the discharge device.

5) in production activities in the materials, equipment, human, tools and work space on the charge generated and accumulated group, often can produce thousands of volts, electrostatic discharge and electrical fuse may cause , damage to electronic components, and even cause a fire or explosion, the system is dangerous to be on the room environment and equipment for meat, anti-static design. Measures should be taken to dissipate static electricity, the maintenance of electronic devices should wear anti-static wrist strap.

6) of electrical and electronic equipment, the equipment may produce harmful electromagnetic radiation personnel and equipment, protective measures should be taken, protective value should meet the relevant safety standards.

4. Fire, explosion-proof, anti-virus, radiation
1) system and machine design, operations personnel will not be so close to high temperatures, toxic substances and chemical agents, radioactive materials, as well as in other hazardous environments. Otherwise, protection and warning devices should be set.

2) of the system, the site should be easy to fire, fire-resistant or refractory, and the alarm should be installed and effective fire fighting equipment.

3) of heat, electromagnetic waves, radiation, mechanical shock, current, static electricity, electric spark, arc, or other ignition-sensitive explosives, should take effective protective measures.

4) containers containing toxic materials should be warning signs, toxic gases should be additive, so that it has the sense of smell alarm.

5) radiation, including ionizing radiation (such as X-rays, 1, radiation, etc.) and non-ionizing radiation (such as infrared radiation, electromagnetic radiation, etc.), when it may endanger personnel and equipment, protective measures should be taken, protection values ??should meet the relevant safety standards. Should be set alarm device, the plate should indicate the type of radiation characteristics in order to properly use safety glasses, protective clothing and other protective devices.

5. Against other types of damage

(1) anti-personnel or equipment thermal damage
thermal characteristics suffered (including hot and cold) effects should be received, such as reach, the equipment and personnel should be set between the radiation shield insulation or cooked; If the above measures are not enough, be prepared to protective clothing (with insulation layer and radiation layer of clothing);

(2) anti-pressure system ( hydraulic and pneumatic systems) damage
1) required by the operator operating the minimum system design pressure safety factor (the material ultimate strength and allowable stress ratio) shall not be less than 4.0.

2) pressure system piping, conduit, fittings and valves and other components can be received a minimum factor of safety (design burst pressure and the maximum expected operating pressure ratio) of 4.0.

3) fluid systems should be equipped with filters to prevent clogging, failure or other harmful effects.
4) fluid system should be set valves, diaphragm discharge port or security devices such as over-voltage protection.
5) may be the key cause of the accident hydraulic system should be set in a prominent position on the warning lights.

(3) anti-vibration damage
vibration risks include risks affecting the safety of the vibration and the vibration of the equipment malfunction risk. In order to prevent vibration damage, should consider the following points.

1) If the vibration exceeds the specified levels, should be given to the operator seat vibration damping mount installation.

2) If the operator must be a long time (more than a few minutes each time) hold the vibration of the controller, the controller should be given to the installation of foam like the isolation layer to eliminate vibration.

3) the mass distribution of machinery and equipment does not constitute a cantilever beam, in order to avoid free vibration.
4) fluid pipes should be firmly supported and secured to avoid run-time vibration.
5) safety-critical components of the bolts and fasteners should be taken to prevent loose measures to ensure that no loose under vibration.

(4) anti-acceleration and impact damage
1) a clear definition of the relevant parts can be expected to accelerate the process, as well as operators and non-operators may have to bear the impact of the situation.

2) a part of operating personnel and equipment may be the site of the collision, should be considered private school in order to reduce the risk of contrast filling.

3) should use protective cover, tape or other Limit Limit tape device operator, the operators body and carried by a case in the foreseeable danger zone and separated.

(4) anti-anti-noise damage
1) provide information about design features, so that the vibration noise can be kept within the limits received.

2) If the expected noise will inevitably exceed the permitted level, should be designed enclosures, acoustic insulation pad to control the wall and spread to the operator there will be noise.

3) If it is impossible to reduce the noise to acceptable levels, should give the operator with hearing protection devices.

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