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ADS1224 24-bit ADC with 4-channel differential input multiplexer

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on October 28,2011

With a data rate of 4MHz clock 240SPS; 20 effective resolution; input multiplexer with four differential channels; pin-selectable, high impedance input buffer; who 5v Differential input range; 0.O003% INL (standard value), 0. 0015% INL (max); self-calibration; simple 2-wire serial interface;-chip temperature sensor; was in standby mode with a single conversion; low current consumption: 300uA; anal...

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Desktop computers boot failure detection and maintenance

In Electronic Infomation Category: D | on October 28,2011

(more DIY computer repair and MC3362DW datasheet and other knowledge, see-dimensional database technology information network ) on the desktop can not boot / no display failure, many of my friends feel that unable to start, could only turn to the business process. In fact, as long as there is a plum screwdriver, you can easily determine whether a computer failure, thus saving the telephone...

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The meaning of landscape bridges

In Electronic Infomation Category: T | on October 28,2011

English as a bridge landscape Bridgescape, the term first appeared in American landscape architect Frederick Gottemoeller bridge the "Bridgescape: Theart ofdesigning bridges" - the book. Gottemoeller will be broken down into linear bridge landscape design, design, layout design, color design, texture design and EN29F002NT-70J datasheet and decorative design six parts, but also the landscape design of the bridge in the use of ...

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MAX183 BCWG external reference input with high-speed 12-bit ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: M | on October 28,2011

12-bit resolution and MAX183 datasheet and accuracy; fast conversion Q: 3us; 90mW low power consumption; +5 V, +10 V or 5V input range selection; buffered reference input: Fast lOOns bus access time; +5 V and MAX183 price and 12 ~-15V power supply operation; 24-pin wide SO package...

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AD7266 Differential Input, Dual 2MSPS, 1 2-bit, 3-channel ADC successive seeking nearly Register

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on October 28,2011

Dual 12-bit, 3-channel ADC; fast throughput: 2MSPS; designated V 2 7-5. 25V; low power: 3V power 1.5MSPS provide maximum 12mW; provide 5v power 2MSPS maximum 30mW; wide input bandwidth ; in lOOkHz input 70dB signal to noise ratio; on-chip reference: 2. 5V; 40 ~ +125 operation; flexible power / throughput rate management leaves; while converting / reading; with pipeline delay; high-speed serial i...

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Battery charge and discharge efficiency of test and analysis

In Electronic Infomation Category: B | on October 28,2011

Abstract: The theory of the battery charge and PCM69AU datasheet and discharge efficiency of the different test methods for the analysis, a battery charge and PCM69AU price and discharge efficiency of the test model, a DC pulse method for rapid test battery at different discharge rates and PCM69AU suppliers and depth of discharge under the charge and discharge efficiency. At the same time using different test methods tested different battery charge and dis...

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Overview of reliability of electronic equipment

In Electronic Infomation Category: O | on October 28,2011

Electronic equipment can fulfill the commitment to work, to play its due role, in addition to its technical performance, there is a reliability issue, reflecting the reliability of electronic equipment with time the meaning of quality. Low reliability of electronic devices is difficult to play its performance and, therefore, important to the reliability of electronic equipment are included in the...

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WM0834 CD 8-bit, with a serial interface and multiplexer input of the ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: W | on October 28,2011

Functional equivalent of no internal zener voltage regulator network of National Semiconductor ADC0834; 4 input multiplexer operation; reference input operation or to determine the reference; input range of O ~ Vcc; 5V and WM0834 datasheet and 3.3V systems; the total unadjusted error : Shi-1LSB; 8-bit resolution; low power; when fclock = 250kHz, there 32us conversion time; serial input / output interface; 14-pin SO pa...

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LED light reflection rate increase

In Electronic Infomation Category: L | on October 28,2011

As shown in Figure 2-25, in order to improve external quantum efficiency (hereinafter known as the light extraction efficiency), in addition to the metal reflective layer, the electrode structure also made modest improvements. Reflector with a light-emitting layer can generate the direction of reflected light toward the substrate, so that light from the LED surface removed. Reflective layer is loc...

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AD9235 12 Bit , 20/40 / 65MSPS, 3V ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on October 28,2011

Single 3V power supply operation (2.7 ~ 3.6V); SNR = 70dBc (of Lancaster); SFDR = 85dHc (Nyquist); low power: 300mW at 65MSPS; differential input with 500MHz bandwidth; on-chip reference and AD9235 datasheet and SHA; DNL = 0.4LSB; Flexible analog input range: 1 ~ 2V (peak - peak); offset binary or twos complement data format; clock duty cycle stabilizer...

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