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Rectifier power supply assembly and layout

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on October 25,2011

1. Rectifier power supply of the technical requirements

required to transfer to the DC load and XC4008E-2PQ208C datasheet and voltage requirements, ensure stable output under maximum load.
In the case of input voltage fluctuations, can maintain output voltage stability, and XC4008E-2PQ208C price and high voltage coefficient.
ensure delivery to the load close to a constant DC DC, ripple due to teach small.
Power should have high efficiency. For large, medium-power power supply, efficiency is an important indicator of efficient power work out less heat dissipation.

2, rectifier power supply assembly, layout issues to be considered

rectifier power supply assembly layout should consider the following aspects of the problem.

The main components include power rectifiers, power transformers, filter chokes, filter capacitor, discharge resistors, etc., these components are larger, have greater weight, the installation layout should make balanced weight distribution. Most power supplies with water
flat base, a large component placed above the base, small components and XC4008E-2PQ208C suppliers and traces on the base below. For small power supply can be most components (such as rectifier, regulator part) solid in the printed circuit board mounted, the weight of a small number of large components (such as transformers, etc.) mounted on the metal base or support rack, and circuits and printed circuit board is connected.

power base is usually 1. 2 ~ 1. 5mm thick sheet steel, 2mm thick can be used for special occasions thin steel plate and zinc passivated or cadmium, may also have a thin aluminum sheet. Power base is best to separate, not common with other circuits, or arranged in a common base side, and easy to interfere with the circuit away from. Power base used for public ground, such as higher may be in the thick copper base under a separate ground for the public.

large weight due to power, the overall layout, the power should be placed on the lower part of the device to ensure that the device has good stability.

rectifier, regulator, electrolytic capacitors, relays and other components susceptible to failure, should be installed in the Ministry to facilitate the replacement value. In the arrangement of components should be taken to ensure ease of testing, terminal blocks, control relay should be arranged in the outer side to protect Victoria
; change the output voltage of the potentiometer, voltage regulators, etc. should be arranged near the panel in place, so adjusted by controlling the body voltage; various control knobs, lights, voltmeter, switches and fuses, etc., should be the appropriate place in the panel layout, and easy to connect and internal components.

power supply transformer, high power rectifiers, chokes, high-capacity electrolytic capacitors and other components a lot of heat, should be considered in the layout easy to heat, easy flow of air should be installed in place. Of the rectifier, rectifier, silicon rectifier stack components such great service
rate should be installed in the radiator and rear panel layout of the chassis are easy to heat the outer parts. Span of some components (such as electrolytic capacitors, etc.), should be arranged away from the heating element in place.

normally have high power, should pay special attention to safety. To prevent electrical shock, various control agencies and chassis frame shall be connected and properly grounded. High pressure and high pressure wire terminals should be insulated, and away from other metal components and wires in order to avoid corona and breakdown; high and low parts of some should be kept a certain distance; hard-line applications and a variety of feeder has a good fixed structure; on over medium-high voltage power supply, door switches should be installed to ensure staff safety.

50Hz transformer core devices have leakage magnetic field, when it is low-frequency amplifier with certain parts of cross-linked, it will produce hum. Therefore, the power must be low-frequency circuits, especially amplifiers separated, or the power of the core device shielding.

the weight of large power transformers, the layout should be placed near the base and anchor ends to prevent excessive shock and vibration generated when the deflection, if possible, the transformer should be mounted directly fixed the rack. If higher, you can take a single vibration of the transformer, buffer measures, this time, the heavier the device mounting bolts must be reliable and take measures to prevent loose.

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