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3G smart phone based on the development and application of learning resources

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Abstract: With the rapid distribution of domestic 3G network 3G network and MSP430F1101IDW datasheet and the diversity of multimedia smart phones, people are concerned about mobile learning more and MSP430F1101IDW price and more attention. However, the corresponding resource development is relatively backward. Analysis is based 3G smartphone features and MSP430F1101IDW suppliers and the current mobile learning difficulties, and the development and application of its resources should pay attention to the problem analysis and research, will effectively promote 3G smartphone based on the construction of learning resources, thus promoting mobile learning in our countrys development.

one of the problem

2009 years, with the rapid distribution of domestic 3G network 3G network and the diversity of smartphone features, more and more people are rich 3G applications, in which, the application of 3G smart phone Mobile learning is an important aspect. 3G-based mobile learning in the smart phone 3G network support with mobility, interactivity, sharing, and personalized learning, etc., to meet the learners in any time, any place any content and desire to learn, to meet the People on the move the current study, personalized learning and lifelong learning requirements, has become a popular way to learn popular, more and more attention has been paid. However, at present based on 3G mobile phones is relatively small learning resources, and resource development is the core of the entire mobile education, because the level of resource quality directly affects the movement of education results, thus affecting the development and popularization of mobile education.

educational resources so mobile content selection and design of mobile educational resource very important part of the building. The mobile education? ? Anytime, anywhere, portable learning characteristics of the decision is not suitable for all learning content for mobile learning. Such as traditional learning resources, although abundant, but many resources are not suitable for mobile learning, but not suitable for learning resources to learners lose confidence in the existing learning environment and reduce the learning and affect learning.

Thus, with the 3G technology and 3G smart phone application people on the increase 3G smartphone based learning resources development and application of research, has a very great theoretical and practical significance .

II 3G smartphone based on the learning characteristics of

3G smartphone based learning is a form of mobile learning. Mobile learning is guided by the theory of modern education, through wireless communication technology, so that students can break the constraints of time, to achieve personalized learning and lifelong learning as a way of learning. Because it overcomes the traditional teaching of the existence of contradictions between, adapted to modern education, especially adult education, learning characteristics, more and more people are welcome and valued. Compared with traditional online education, mobile learning has the following characteristics.

1 learning autonomy

With 3G technology, 3G mobile phone features continue to expand, the ability to greatly increase the data transmission, more suitable for mobile learning. Learners can use 3G mobile phone anytime, anywhere access to information or data needed to communicate with other learners. This 3G handset convenience of learning so that students in the choice of learning content and learning methods with strong autonomy, according to their own situation to choose their own content and methods, use of the existing conditions and timing study.

2 study time instability

learners to participate in mobile learning mostly serving officers or other adults, in addition to their usual work, but also participate in other various social activities, distracting many things, so that these learners can not concentrate on learning, learning is often interrupted. Therefore, learners participate in learning mobile learning time is fragmented, not fixed, often in an unstable state.

3 situational learning content and usefulness

approach to learning mobile learning as autonomy, learning time and place of unlimited learning content but also has the flexibility and randomness, which makes the learner can be a real problem in most situations to start learning , and such learning, learners better access to knowledge, and apply knowledge more quickly. For example, when the learner at work or learning problems, you can use the portable cell phone using the 3G network to query or exchanges with other learners, and to obtain the corresponding solutions. In the true nature of this environment, in learning activities, with a strong practical, to achieve a true sense of the combination of study.

4 learning time and space flexibility

as 3G mobile phones in the 3G wireless network support, can enable learners to get rid of the shackles of cable lines, anytime, anywhere to learn, so this approach to learning in the learning time and space are highly of flexibility. Learners can be carried out according to their needs anytime, anywhere learning. Learning institutions in the work place can also be at home or on the way to work, such as car or take the bus resting on the bench in the park, the terminal can start learning with mobile learning.

5 the efficient interaction of

3G technology and its application in mobile learning, the 3G mobile phone can instantly access and always-on, which makes access to information more convenient, real-time information processing more efficient. For example, when learners usually experience some simple or urgent issues, you can use the phones software to the teachers to ask questions, get real-time feedback of teachers; also available online as well as other learners and teachers to communicate and discuss the problem preliminary or final settlement. Learners learning process is to solve practical problems in the process, once this learning to solve practical problems often occur, such learners will be learning to produce a strong interest in learning to motivate learners.

Third, the current difficulties

based on 3G mobile phones mobile terminals mobile learning although considered indispensable to the future of learning as a learning model, and gradually by the attention of educators, is also now developing rapidly, and in the actual life has been a lot of peoples applications. But still experiencing some difficulties, mainly in the following areas.

1. Handset limitations imposed by the

first cell phone battery life. The current 3G phone on a single charge can be used is generally a long time about a week, a short two to three days, if the mobile phone for learning, the use of frequent, it can only maintain 1-2 days. For 3G mobile phones for learning learners, battery life is a learner in learning more difficult problem.

followed by the screen size. 3G phones currently mainstream resolution and screen size generally is: 320 * 240,2 4 and 28 inches. For the screen size of different mobile phones, they have received the same learning content, the effect will be displayed inconsistent, or even go awry. In addition, the mobile phone screen size and portability, there are contradictions.

the one hand we want the phone getting smaller and smaller, it is a good portability, but also want the phone screen more and more, so as to better display the learning content. The contradiction between the two is difficult to solve in the short term.

is a standard issue again. The mainstream of current 3G mobile phone operating system Symbian Series and WindowsMobile series, for different operating systems, when the mobile learning designers will develop the learning resources available to learners, it may be because the phones operating system, so that some resources can not normal use.

2. Handset costs and network problems

on the one hand, mobile phone-based mobile learning whether it is downloaded directly from the network resources, or the learners themselves through the Internet browser from the main study, will be faced with communication costs. The 3G network charges is still more expensive, not everyone want to use mobile phones for learning learners can afford it, which largely affected the study based on the popularity of mobile phones. On the other hand, for now, 3G network distribution net work has not been fully completed, the signal coverage is not yet complete. The need to learn anytime, anywhere mobile learning, because the existence of network instability factors, teaching information in the transmission of information that may occur when the situation is not served, and now there is no adequate mechanism can effectively improve the situation, leading mobile learning teaching effectiveness of information transfer is not enough to affect the learners learning motivation, which makes the promotion of mobile learning has been greatly hindered.

3. Integration of resources and less support for mobile learning

Although there have been a number of institutions and learners to carry out the mobile phone-based learning, but also the construction of some of the resources, but overall, based on the construction of mobile learning resources is still far from adequate. And mobile learning resources in what format, what way transmission, learners learn how to retrieve resources, how to extract and other technical problems there is no uniform. Effectively address these problems, a variety of high-quality teaching resources to integrate and establishing mobile learning needs to meet the messaging requirements of the mobile learning resource library is to promote an important prerequisite for the development of mobile learning.

the same time, todays advanced 3G network technology and hardware used in most non-education, and research and education in a relatively small investment.

4. Teachers and learners lack of understanding of mobile learning

present, most consumers know the phone function is used to communicate, play games, and 3G mobile phones also increased on the basis of the original reading novels, watching videos, listening to music, send and receive View pictures and Internet news and other functions. Although the 3G era has come, however, on the one hand is a 3G technology is still in the experimental stage; the other hand, most consumers of 3G mobile phones have a specific function is not too understanding, for the use of mobile phones to make sense to learn more is weak. Therefore, the need for education and technology sectors to strengthen the theory and practice in the field of exploration and research, increase public awareness and guidance to enable consumers to improve the use of 3G technology, mobile learning ideology.

Fourth, the development and application of learning resources based on 3G mobile phones should pay attention to the problem

based on 3G technology, mobile learning is a new fusion of mobile communication technology, network technology and modern forms of education, educational theory, as represented by the 3G mobile phone terminals to carry out the mobile learning, provides a new teaching approach, expanding the scope of education to meet the learning needs of individual people. However, based on 3G mobile phones at present relatively few learning resources, to promote 3G mobile phones in the mobile learning applications, you need to build a large number of applications for 3G mobile learning resources.

present, due to resource quality, mobile tariff, network quality issues such as constraints in the development and application of 3G mobile phones based on the process of mobile learning resources, to pay attention to the following questions.

1 on content design

learning based on 3G mobile phones is a non-stationary state, attention is highly decentralized, anytime, anywhere learning. Students often use the time to spare and fragmented learning, the learning process presents a loose features.

Therefore, the curriculum according to the characteristics of mobile learning, combining text, sound, video and other characteristics of different media, to design rational and effective form of media presentation.

text should be designed for simple, broad and strong, not too much capacity, such as emphasis on the fact that the teaching of basic concepts or content can be designed to render text; for the pictures, audio and video content design should pay attention to media format, size, resolution and file size and other factors, to the use of most mobile generally supported formats to design; audio and video playback time not too long, relatively complete in the content of the premise as far as possible short of, to help download and save.

2 on interaction design

3G-based mobile phones in interactive learning course content according to the characteristics of the media present in the form and characteristics of the carrying capacity of mobile terminals, focusing on the content of interaction design, including SMS-based interactive and based on viewed online interaction.

SMS-based interactive content short, interactive, low cost, such as text-based self-test exercises, instant feedback and other information for use of the method. View on-line interaction can interact with a variety of needs, such as resources, browse, download, discussion, various forms of on-demand. For the study presented in the form of rich mobile content, interactive way can be viewed online.

3 charges on mobile terminals and

3G mobile terminal performance of technology in education is a major bottleneck. The current 3G mobile phone, as limited screen size, standby time, not suitable for a long time, the system of learning. Therefore, the development of its resources to take into account the characteristics, course content can be broken down into independent knowledge points, between the various knowledge points associated with certain systems, so that a continuous learning process knowledge can form a continuous structure, so adapted to the use of fragmented time learning features.

tariff issues 3G technology in education is a constraint. Current multimedia learning resources in increasing resources to enrich the educational resources of mobile learning, but also brings learners increase the cost of communications spending may give learners bring some financial burden.

Therefore, the development of mobile learning resources, the choice of media content according to the characteristics of learning, to meet the learning requirements under the premise of rational choice.

4. Organic integration with existing Internet

in the current conditions, learning and any digital product can not exist independently from the Internet, mobile phone-based learning as well. As the Internet has a mass of learning resources, the phone can use their own PC or downloaded from the Internet learning resources, learning resources can also be transmitted back to the Internet, creating a seamless interaction between mobile phones and the Internet platform. With the integration of 3G technology and the Internet, the future of mobile Internet-based learning is the development direction of mobile learning, then, mobile learning will become a true anytime, anywhere, heart.

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