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AD7663AST 16 Bit , 250kSPSCMOS ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on September 27,2011

Throughput: 250kSPS; INL: 3 LSB maximum (0.0046% of full scale); 16-bit resolution with no missing codes; S / (N + D): 90dB standard value, 100kH7,; THD:-lOOdB standard value, lOOkHz ; analog input voltage range; bipolar: 10V, 5v, 2. SV; pole. () ~ 10V, 0 ~ 5v, O ~ 2.5; AC and AD7663AST datasheet and DC specifications from the assembly line did not delay; Parallel (8 / 16) and AD7663AST price and serial 5 V/3V interfaces; SPItm / QSPItm / M...

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Computer failure? Themselves! (On)

In Electronic Infomation Category: C | on September 27,2011

computer malfunction causes confusing, elusive. And because the Windows operating system components is relatively complex, computer event of a failure, for the average user, you want to pinpoint the reasons for its failure is almost impossible. So it is that if we experience computer failure, completely helpless out? This is not so, the computer-generated although there are many reasons for fail...

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CS5540 low-power, low voltage, 24 ADC values ??of

In Electronic Infomation Category: C | on September 27,2011

ADC: deaf linear error: 0.0015% Fs; rms noise: 4UV; two-channel differential multiplexer; buffer, and CS5540 datasheet and the fully differential analog voltage reference input; classification VREF input: 0.1V analog power ; high-precision values ??of self-calibration; fixed digital filter; in settling in 6.7SPS; 50/60HZ or synchronous operation; simple serial interface; SPITM and CS5540 price and MicrowireTM compatible; Schmitt tri...

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ADS5421 Y / T 14 Bit , 40MHz Sampling ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on September 27,2011

High Dynamic Range: High SFDR: 83dB live 1OMHz fIN. High SNR: 75dB at 1OMHz flN; differential input; optional full-scale input range; low power: 850mW; flexible clock: differential or single-ended; receiver sine or square wave Just minutes down 0.5V (peak - peak); variable threshold level...

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Embedded Linux-based remote monitoring system for engine room

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on September 27,2011

Abstract: To meet the real-time monitoring of environmental parameters room and SN74LV125APWR datasheet and video needs, this comprehensive use of embedded technology, WEB technology and SN74LV125APWR price and information technology testing, research and SN74LV125APWR suppliers and design based on B / S structure of the embedded style room remote monitoring system. Collected by sensors and remote transmission room temperature and image data in the remote browser dynamic re...

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AD977AR16 bit, lOOkSPSBiCM0S ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on September 27,2011

Fast 16-bit ADC; lOOkSPS throughput; single 5v supply operation;-power lOOmW maximum; power mode 50uW; input range: unipolar: O ~ lOV, 0 ~ 5v and AD977AR16 datasheet and 0 ~ 4V; bipolar: soil 10V, 5v, and AD977AR16 price and 3.3V; select the external or internal 2.5V reference; high-speed serial interface; on-chip clock; 20-pin package SS0P...

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LTC1742 14 Bit , 65MSPS, low-noise ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: L | on September 27,2011

Sample Rate: 65MSPS; 76.5dB SNR and LTC1742 datasheet and 90dB spurious-free dynamic range (3.2V hold around); 72.8dB SNR and LTC1742 price and 90dB spurious-free dynamic range (2V range); no missing codes; single power supply Power 5V, power consumption: 1.275mW; selectable input ranges: 1V or 6V, 210MHz full power bandwidth of S / H; 48-pin TSSOP...

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On the high-voltage linear optocoupler HCNR201 current measurement circuit

In Electronic Infomation Category: O | on September 27,2011

Analog signal is the information given within the parameters showed a continuous signal or a continuous time interval, which represents the amount of information characteristics can present at any moment for any value of the signal, mainly with the discrete digital signal relative to a continuous signal. analog signals distributed in every corner of nature, such as daily temperature changes, whil...

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EPM7128SQI100-10N datasheetEPM7128SQI100-10N suppliersEPM7128SQI100-10N Price

MAX191 AEWG with internal reference and power-down, low-power 12-bit sampling ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: M | on September 27,2011

12-bit resolution, 1/2LSB linear; +5 v or who 5V power supply operation; built-in track / hold; with the ability to adjust the internal reference; low power consumption: 3mA mode of operation; 20uA power-down mode; lOOkSPS test sampling rate; Serial and MAX191 datasheet and parallel 8-bit uP interface; 24-pin wide SO package...

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AD7703 BR LC2 M0S 20-bit ADC

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on September 27,2011

Single-chip analog to digital converter 20; 0.0003% linearity error; 20 no missing codes;-chip self-calibration circuitry; mow programming low-pass filter; 0 .1 ~ 10Hz corner frequency 0 ~ +2. 5V or 2.5V analog input range of indole; 4kSPS output data rate; serial interface; ultra-low power...

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