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Use the lamp "five do not."

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on August 24,2011

1, switching time interval should not exceed 5 minutes

because the projector power supply with a ratio of pulse width modulation method for blood pressure and LT1485 datasheet and electricity regulator, stable power handling, and LT1485 price and in dealing with these aspects, the projector using power switch and LT1485 suppliers and transformer will work at higher frequencies, frequent switches in the switch process will naturally appear significant switching losses, these losses will be transferred into the heat comes out, so that the temperature inside the projector increases, coupled with the light bulb itself, the heat from inside the projector gathered in the small space, you can easily make the bulb produce explosions. In addition, frequent switching power supply, then, will have a huge projector lamp current impact, projector bulb can be easily damaged. In order to avoid the damage of these bulbs, we try not to frequently switch the projector, but also keep in mind that if they wish to turn off the projector after a reboot, then it must wait about 5 minutes.

2, projection environment should not be reflective

many people often mistake that as long as the lamp brightness to raise high enough, then the projection effect will be very clear and easy to distinguish; in fact, good and bad effects of projection, in addition to a relationship and lamp brightness , but also the working environment and the relationship between lamp, the light intensity of the work environment will affect the projected results. Therefore, we must layout a good working environment projector, projector bulbs work as much as possible to avoid too strong in light conditions, this is due to too strong ambient light may cause effects become relatively poor brightness of the lamp; so in order to get better projection, we may install the curtains in the room to block the outside light; room walls, floors should not be reflective materials should be used, because these details would have the effect of the lamp brightness higher level.

3, try not to use the power cord does not match

order to prevent the emergence of work lamp explode or the phenomenon of power does not match the projector connected to the power of its size also had strict rules. Users connect the projector to an electrical outlet, should pay attention to the nominal supply voltage value, the machine ground and power supply polarity, and pay attention to the ground. This is because when the projector and the signal source (eg PC) connected to different power supply, the two zero line may exist between the higher potential difference. When you hot plug signal line or other circuit, in the ignition phenomenon between plug and socket, damage to the signal input circuit, not only may cause the light bulb does not work, but also may damage the projector, the worst case, can cause fires. Therefore, we had better use the supplied power cord, while ensuring that the power cord connected to the ground and reliable outlet.

4, switching power supply should not disregard the order

because the projector power supply part of the burden to some circuits inside the projector and the projector bulb powered task, if not in the correct order turn the projector off, then the light bulb and the projector may mechanical and electrical power together some way off, the fan inside the projector power will also stop working, so that light bulbs and projector in the course of their work with large amounts of heat can not be ruled out by the fan out, is likely to cause the lamp to explode. Projector just came into contact with many users, often very casually frequently switch the projector, in fact, its power projector on and off is strictly defined, may damage the bulb or projector. Typically, when we turn on the projector, you should first power, then hold down the projector control panel LAMP indicator, until the green light does not blink. Shutdown can not be directly cut off power supply, but should be continued until the green light does not hold the LAMP indicator flashes, the projector cooling fan to stop turning up, and finally cut off the power. Therefore, the correct switch the power on the projector and projector lamp life the life of a great influence on internal parts.

5, no more than four hours each work

if the projector bulb for a long time to work, the projectors internal imaging system may emit a lot of heat, the heat will cause the temperature inside the projector increases rapidly, due to the inner wall of the projector lamp quartz at high temperatures will have lost through the phenomenon, which appears white spots, so a lot of stop loss of light through the office, so that the local increase in regional temperature anomalies, thus causing the loss of further expansion through the region, so that the brightness decay quickly, and very may cause the lamp to explode. So, as far as possible we must pay attention to the work of each projector can not be more than four hours duration.

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