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PCD656-based high-speed PCI bus interface design and implementation

In Electronic Infomation Category: P | on May 09,2011

Modern radar signal processing with large volumes of data, real-time advanced features, and PIC16C71-04/SO datasheet and determine the efficiency of bus transport system performance, the current widespread use of standardized PCI bus technology to upgrade the update. To speed up product development and PIC16C71-04/SO price and reduce the design difficulty, there are two solutions: using a common PCI chip or IP core. PCI chip such as the commonly use...

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PIC16C71-04/SO datasheetPIC16C71-04/SO suppliersPIC16C71-04/SO Price

How to use the ambient light sensor Maxim EOC testing

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on May 07,2011

Maxims MAX9635, MAX44007 and LT1791ACS datasheet and MAX44009 high ambient light sensor, integrated in a single chip, photodiode, analog front end (AFE), two high-resolution analog / digital converter (ADC), comparison and LT1791ACS price and data formatting processing circuit and LT1791ACS suppliers and I? C interface functions. The light sensor has the industry-leading low> Register Bit Register address Power-on reset state R / W 7 6 ...

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LT1791ACS datasheetLT1791ACS suppliersLT1791ACS Price

How to effectively deal with the wireless network disconnection problem

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on May 07,2011

"I can not get online," heard these words often, in fact, sometimes the problem is very simple network, moving his hands to be able to solve. So today, take a look at how to fix wireless network disconnected it. In fact, sometimes the speed of wireless Internet access there is not any major problems. Not very professional to invite experts to solve the trouble. For ordinary wireless network users...

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ADG202AKR datasheetADG202AKR suppliersADG202AKR Price

How in the DS26303 LIU enable ITU-T G.703 2048kHz Synchronization Interface (T12)

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on May 07,2011

Abstract: maintaining multiple clock synchronization between the telecommunications equipment is the basic function> TS Mode Setting TXCMDA Value E1 75 0x33 E1 120 0x2F Bit # 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 class=MsoNormal align=left> ADDP7 ADDP6 ADDP5 ADDP4 ADDP3 ADDP2 ADDP1 ADDP0 Default 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ...

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LTC3411EMS datasheetLTC3411EMS suppliersLTC3411EMS Price

H.264 video decoding chip, memory associated with the design of filter

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on May 04,2011

Abstract: The H.264 decoder chip in the filter part of the required data, data access and AD581SH/883B datasheet and memory chips are used in-depth analysis done, but involves the design of DRAM and AD581SH/883B price and SRAM, and AD581SH/883B suppliers and to support macro block-level adaptive frame field. H.264 decoder chip in order to achieve fast data access, this paper presents an optimization of the data storage method, this method can be fully achieved through the...

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AD581SH/883B datasheetAD581SH/883B suppliersAD581SH/883B Price

Frequency difference of the pattern and the impact of integrated solutions

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on May 04,2011

Abstract: In order to solve the boot of the FM carrier frequency difference between the transmitter antenna array pattern synthesis of the impact, where the maximum use of the DFT spectrum and BA6858FP datasheet and the spectral coefficients of two adjacent real (or imaginary part) the interpolation of each transmitter estimates the carrier frequency, and BA6858FP price and then proposes an effective compensation method to reduce the fre...

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BA6858FP datasheetBA6858FP suppliersBA6858FP Price

A simple measurement of the op amp

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on May 04,2011

Op amp is a differential input, single-ended output high-gain amplifier, commonly used in high-precision analog circuits, it must accurately measure its performance. However, in the open-loop measurement, the open-loop gain may be as high as 10 7 or higher, and LTC1159CS-3.3 datasheet and pick up the stray current or Seebeck (thermocouple) effects may be produced at the amplifier input is very small voltage, so the error ...

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LTC1159CS-3.3 datasheetLTC1159CS-3.3 suppliersLTC1159CS-3.3 Price

Airport air traffic radio interference investigation and case analysis

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on May 03,2011

2010, the Civil Aviation Air Traffic Control Branch of Shandong Radio Management Office of Shandong Province, to reflect, Jinan Airport VHF air-ground communications station in the near future with a frequency of 122.900MHz persistent noise, transceiver RSSI value is shown by the normal circumstances of-108dBm to-101dBm about the following increases, thereby affecting the receiver to the ground p...

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TLP521-1GR datasheetTLP521-1GR suppliersTLP521-1GR Price

Optimization MAX44007 ambient light sensor, designed to improve the performance of black glass

In Electronic Infomation Category: O | on May 03,2011

Abstract: The black glass will change according to ambient light sensor in the light spectrum, which is an ambient light sensor facing the design challenges. Especially the black glass-reinforced components of the spectrum in the infrared, but not this part of the spectrum the human eye. This application note describes several calibration / compensation to optical sensors with different light con...

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LT1077 datasheetLT1077 suppliersLT1077 Price

MAX1358B: 16-Bit Data Acquisition System Data Sheet

In Electronic Infomation Category: M | on May 03,2011

MAX1358B Intelligent Data Acquisition System (DAS) based on 16-bit, - ADC (ADC), the system supports features that make it ideal for microprocessor-based (P) systems. Devices integrated in a single chip ADC, DAC, op amp, the internal voltage reference options, temperature sensor, analog switches, 32kHz oscillator, real-time clock with alarm (RTC), frequency locked loop (FLL) clock, four user-prog...

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ATMEGA128-16AC datasheetATMEGA128-16AC suppliersATMEGA128-16AC Price

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