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Leakage circuit breaker in the cable television network in the application of lightning

In Electronic Infomation Category: L | on April 13,2011

Radio and MPSA43 datasheet and Television Information Network Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang

has always attached great importance to the work of mine cable television network, long-term commitment to mine exploration and MPSA43 price and research network, through trial and MPSA43 suppliers and error and repeated practice, the cable network system has accumulated a number of mine experience.

1 traditional lightning protection measures of

In the cable TV network systems, often using strand grounding, lightning protection installation, etc. methods to prevent lightning damage to network equipment. Long proved that these measures on the energy of lightning induced a minor to play a protective role, but for the cloud-to, the effect is not obvious. There are two main reasons:

(1) strand ground, lightning protection installation lightning protection methods such as the most critical aspect is the grounding resistance must be less than or equal to 4, the smaller the grounding resistance, the better mine, and vice versa more poor. Nansha Town, Zhangjiagang City is located in Xiangshan foothills region, the soil hard and difficult to achieve given the depth of ground angle iron, so the grounding resistance is relatively large; Daxin, Kam Fung, Yue Yu, Nan Fung, Germany, product and other areas located in Changyinsha the Yangtze River, Yangtze River was originally alluvial sand, sandy soil conductivity even worse, the grounding resistance is greater and therefore, these regions using the above measures can not effectively mine.

(2) surge protector performance in some components not up to standard. Such as the isolation capacitor voltage only a few hundred volts, can not withstand several thousand volts, or even tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage shock, so the lightning protection had little effect.

2 leakage circuit breaker applications

For these reasons, we propose the installation of lightning protection measures leakage circuit breakers. Specific method is: the power supply at the installation of power line leakage circuit breakers, when the lightning occurs, the leakage circuit breakers, and instantly cut off power supply, which play a protective role of network equipment.

Leakage circuit breaker from the zero-sequence current transformer (sensor part), operation controller (control section) and electromagnetic release (operative) component. The working principle (Figure 1) is: When zero sequence current transformer to the load side of the sensor-to-ground leakage current, the zero sequence current transformer secondary winding mutual inductance voltage arises, the signal controller operation after operation after When the leakage current value of the required action to release the power connected to the electromagnetic, electromagnetic release pull, trip the circuit breaker, so as to achieve the effect of leakage protection.

Figure 1

(2) taking into account the safety of network operation and maintenance of the operability of leakage circuit breakers will be placed in a lockable control box and install the appropriate height in the pole, climb operations maintenance personnel removed to facilitate operation.

(3) full use of EPON network management system extensions, leakage circuit breakers to strengthen the management of the daily operation and maintenance. When lightning occurs when the EPON network management system using off the alarm function off quickly identify the location, and notify maintenance personnel timely disposal to restore the normal operation of the network; the same time, requiring maintenance personnel to carry out monthly jump check leakage circuit breakers, to ensure that it is in normal working condition.

3 leakage circuit breakers use the advantages of lightning protection for the network Radio and Television Information Network Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang

DZ47LEC60 leakage circuit breaker used for lightning protection cable television network more than two years, mine obviously. We believe that the use of such a lightning protection measures, has the following advantages: (1) Installation is simple, economical and practical. C60 leakage circuit breaker price of only 30 to 40 yuan / only, general hardware stores are selling electrical appliances. (2) easy to use. After the occurrence of lightning, just the action leakage circuit breakers to restore power, and if with the network, will make maintenance more quickly and efficiently. (3) stable and reliable. C60 leakage circuit breaker malfunction usually very low probability. (4) mine obviously. C60 leakage circuit breaker in the event of lightning, the action time is very short, and the phase line, zero line at the same time off, the effective protection of network devices.

Figure 2

4 Conclusion

Mine has always been our cable TV network, radio and television people attach great importance to and has been a major issue in the study, we will continue to explore effective way cable TV network, lightning protection, to enhance network security and make unremitting efforts of high-quality transmission capacity.

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