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Analytical reasons for switching power supply transformer whistle

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on April 28,2011

Made switching power supply based on experience, summed up the transformer howling issued the following main reasons: A. transformer itself, such as dipping drying is not in place, resulting in mechanical vibration caused by the core is not solid but rattled; there is not suitable for the length of the air gap, resulting in instability of the working status of the transformer will whistles; Fina...

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A design of electronic equipment failure Library

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on April 28,2011

Fault diagnosis expert system is a compelling diagnosis of the development direction of the field is one of the most studied, most widely used diagnostic technique for a class of intelligent, mainly for those who are not difficult to build accurate mathematical models or mathematical models of complex systems . Has gone through two stages, namely, shallow knowledge-based fault diagnosis of the fi...

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C8051F040-based storage device design dump

In Electronic Infomation Category: C | on April 28,2011

Abstract: Dump a single chip storage devices to C8051F040 as the core control module, two CH375 U disk by an external module, LCD module and AD829AR datasheet and keyboard module to achieve the two U disk dump of data between each other , a good solution to dump the contents of U disk can not do without the inconvenience of computers and AD829AR price and susceptible to * and AD829AR suppliers and other defects. C8051F040 by CH375 USB protocol and in accord...

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How to activate the phone LED indicator is not affected while maintaining standby time

In Electronic Infomation Category: H | on April 28,2011

With the functional requirements class=MsoNormalTable border=1 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=599> PMIC 1.4 mW LED driver ADP8866 uses a unique configuration, particularly in response to this challenge, it can easily perform the four LED indicator light independent process, the LEDs off time to 100 ms to 25.2 s in the range set. When the se...

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In Electronic Infomation Category: D | on April 28,2011

Consider an instance of a digital signal processing, such as finite impulse response filter (FIR). For the use of mathematical language, FIR filters do a series of dot product. Take a number of inputs and EP2C5F256C8N datasheet and a vector sequence in the coefficients and EP2C5F256C8N price and input samples intercropping sliding window multiplication, and EP2C5F256C8N suppliers and then add up all the product to form an output sample. Similar operation in digital signa...

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Width of the frequency synthesizer used in frequency than the design of CMOS programmable divider

In Electronic Infomation Category: W | on April 28,2011

High-speed, wide frequency range of programmable frequency divider design is the RF frequency synthesizer design difficulties, it is the work of the speed limit of the frequency synthesizer output signal of the highest frequency, its phase noise frequency synthesizer band phase noise device. In this paper, the design of programmable divider tuner for mobile digital TV receiver chip that is compat...

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A Hybrid Fingerprint Matching Method

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on April 28,2011

Abstract: In order to overcome the traditional minutiae-based matching is insufficient, based on point pattern matching algorithm and CY7C63001A-PC datasheet and improved recognition 2DPCA hybrid matching algorithm is improved. Improved algorithm for point pattern matching algorithm by adding an improved algorithm for the initial matching scores 2DPCA weight, improve the accuracy of point pattern matching algorithm; and CY7C63001A-PC price and the...

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Communication base station power system maintenance

In Electronic Infomation Category: C | on April 27,2011

With 3G services implemented in the major commercial carriers, the number of base stations have a very large increase in inflation, the distribution range of a few years ago also produced a significant increase, while the base station in the type and MC10H159FN datasheet and quantity of equipment is also a great increase. Maintenance of these to the general practitioners in communication base station caused a lot of pres...

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MAX9632: Low-noise broadband amplifier

In Electronic Infomation Category: M | on April 27,2011

MAX9632 low-noise, high precision wideband op amp, working in a wide +4.5 V to +36 V supply range. IC can be dual power ( 18V) or a single power supply (36V) power supply. Fast settling time and IRF740 datasheet and low distortion, excellent performance to which IC to become the ideal solution for high precision acquisition system. Effective extension of rail output dynamic range, even at low voltage can be driven t...

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Distribution of sound engineering in the ground

In Electronic Infomation Category: D | on April 27,2011

One audio ground distribution of attention to detail , there are both small signal input circuit, there are large signal output, usually the input and LTC1428CS8-50 datasheet and output delivery by the panel. If the input and LTC1428CS8-50 price and output locations are connected, then make sure they were ground to the public in line with the wire, but can not share a ground wire. , if the actual circuit of cloth, all levels of the ground comp...

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