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CAN bus based network model of intelligent circuit breaker

In Electronic Infomation Category: C | on January 18,2011

Abstract: Smart Grid Communication on the Intelligent Circuit Breaker features of the new requirements established by the three network model. CAN bus via intelligent circuit breaker substation control room network access, real-time monitoring and LTC1627CS8 datasheet and access by CAN-TCP/IP Ethernet protocol conversion circuit in power dispatching centers, "four remote" function, and LTC1627CS8 price and through Ethernet, and LTC1627CS8 suppliers and power genera...

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LTC1627CS8 datasheetLTC1627CS8 suppliersLTC1627CS8 Price

Embedded Linux-based keyboard-driven design

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on January 18,2011

1? Keyboard driver design With the rapid development of electronic information technology, embedded systems consisting of a variety of devices have been widely used embedded Linux is an open source, soft real-time, multitasking operating system, is an excellent development of embedded products operating system platforms, including man-machine interface, the keyboard is an important human monit...

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LP2985AIM5X-2.8 datasheetLP2985AIM5X-2.8 suppliersLP2985AIM5X-2.8 Price

Using IEEE 1588 and the Blackfin embedded processor for device clock synchronization

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on January 18,2011

Introduction IEEE 1588 standard was born in 2002, the main definition of the network distributed clock synchronization protocol. Test and MAX721CSE datasheet and measurement, telecommunications and MAX721CSE price and multimedia streaming, and MAX721CSE suppliers and many different applications, are beginning to preferred this method of clock synchronization. This standardization, cost-effective clock synchronization method to support heterogeneous systems, an...

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MAX721CSE datasheetMAX721CSE suppliersMAX721CSE Price

CPCI in the application of high-performance embedded systems

In Electronic Infomation Category: C | on January 18,2011

1. Introduction To standard computer technology as the core of embedded systems, due to a variety of complex equipment with the combination of organic and LM555CMX datasheet and very flexible to achieve a variety of monitoring, control and LM555CMX price and management functions, has become the field of industrial control widely accepted and LM555CMX suppliers and have to develop products and technology solutions. Industrial control system with features, pe...

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LM555CMX datasheetLM555CMX suppliersLM555CMX Price

DSP + ARM processor architecture for machine vision and control to bring powerful computing

In Electronic Infomation Category: D | on January 18,2011

Some industrial, avionics, control, vision and DS1302N datasheet and high-end test and DS1302N price and measurement applications, such as biological control in the realization of image processing, display the same time, but also strong computing and DS1302N suppliers and signal processing capability. Texas Instruments (TI) today announced that the existing DSP + ARM product based on the successful launch of Integra family of processors C6A816x, integrated ...

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DS1302N datasheetDS1302N suppliersDS1302N Price

CPU-based embedded wireless communication terminals System SMS

In Electronic Infomation Category: C | on January 18,2011

Abstract: This paper describes a short message based on embedded wireless communication terminal of the CPU design, development methods and MAX152EAP datasheet and development process, C8051F020 MCU used in the design and MAX152EAP price and next-generation embedded wireless CPU, achieved a messaging function with terminal system. Completed the IGT-start circuit, MCU and MAX152EAP suppliers and serial PC-interface hardware design, software design using object-ori...

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MAX152EAP datasheetMAX152EAP suppliersMAX152EAP Price

ARM-based design of electromagnetic flowmeter

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on January 18,2011

Abstract: In the traditional test for a wide field of application of 8-bit microcontroller system, given its performance and MAX1487EPA datasheet and resource limitations, can only complete the basic functions of instruments designed and MAX1487EPA price and developed 32-bit ARM-based processor and MAX1487EPA suppliers and embedded Linux operating Electromagnetic flowmeter. The design uses T FT LCD display, JFFS2 file system by way of data storage used to TCP / IP p...

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MAX1487EPA datasheetMAX1487EPA suppliersMAX1487EPA Price

ARM-based large LED dot matrix display system

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on January 18,2011

Abstract: ARM-based large-scale LED dot matrix display system design. The system uses the ARM chips DMA controller for data transmission and IR2233J datasheet and control, saving the processor fetches and IR2233J price and translation in time, to be able to read and IR2233J suppliers and write operations in a row to complete the data transmission, improved speed and efficiency of data transmission . Large LED display system is associated with the computer ...

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IR2233J datasheetIR2233J suppliersIR2233J Price

Smart ARM7-based rework, reflow station control system

In Electronic Infomation Category: S | on January 18,2011

Abstract: This paper uses ARM7 as the master chip, using the μC / OS-II real-time operating system, an intelligent design rework, reflow station control system, through keyboard control, through the LCD display shows the in which the status and BTS840S2 datasheet and real-time temperature curve can be split on a variety of integrated chips and BTS840S2 price and welding, for the maintenance and BTS840S2 suppliers and processing of integrated circuit boards. ...

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BTS840S2 datasheetBTS840S2 suppliersBTS840S2 Price

ARM7 based on the number of bus stops and kiosks CPLD Design

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on January 18,2011

Abstract: A framework based on the number of ARM7 and LM3914N-1 datasheet and CPLD bus station kiosks. GPRS module through the bus system control center with real-time communication, the use of CA certificate to ensure secure communications, using two SRAM composed of a "ping-pong logic" display data cache to ensure continuity, enabling the same station information booths and LM3914N-1 price and more dynamic lines show real-time vehicle ar...

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LM3914N-1 datasheetLM3914N-1 suppliersLM3914N-1 Price

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