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Characteristics of embedded systems

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From the embedded system composition, the embedded system is a set of software and MC68302FC20C datasheet and hardware in one, can work independently of the computer system; in appearance, embedded system like a "programmable" electronic "devices" ; from the functional point of view, it is a host object to control them with "smart" controller. From the application point of view, embedded systems and MC68302FC20C price and general-purpose computer systems, has the following features:

● special and MC68302FC20C suppliers and strong. As embedded systems are typically for a specific application, so the embedded system hardware and software, especially software, are designed for specific user groups, which generally have a specific sexual characteristics.

● real good. Currently, embedded systems are widely used in the production process control, data acquisition, transmission communications and so on, mainly used to control the host object, so all of the embedded system has more or less real time. For example, embedded in weapons and equipment of each of the embedded system, embedded in the rocket system, a number of industrial control devices in applications such as the control system requirements for real-time high. It is because of this requirement, in hardware embedded system is rarely used to access the disk so slow memory, the software is to be carefully designed to enable embedded systems to respond quickly to external events. Of course, with the extension of embedded system applications, some system requirements for real-time is not very high, for example, relatively fast pace of development in recent years, handheld computers, handheld computers. But on the whole, real-time embedded systems is the universal demand, is the designer and the user key consideration is an important indicator.

● can be cut is good. Embedded system from the characteristics of a specific nature, as the provider of embedded systems should provide a wide range of hardware and software to the selection. However, this is bound to increase the product cost. In order to not increase costs, but also to meet the specific needs of embedded system providers must take appropriate measures to make the products in general and special a balance between. The current practice is that the embedded system hardware and operating system designed to be cut so that the members of the embedded system development into tailored according to actual needs, to remove redundancy, so that the system to meet the application requirements of the premise to achieve the most streamlined configuration.

● high reliability. As some of the embedded computing tasks undertaken by the system pertaining to product quality, physical design of the security, state secrets and other major services, combined with some of the embedded system host object to work in unattended situations, such as high-risk industrial environment , embedded systems embedded instrumentation, in the interpersonal grew from the meteorological monitoring system, as well as reconnaissance of enemy action in the small intelligent device medium. Therefore, compared with ordinary systems, the requirements for high reliability embedded systems.

● low power consumption. Many embedded system host object are small applications, such as mobile phones, PDA, MP3, aircraft, ships, digital cameras, these devices can not be with the larger capacity of the power, so low power Yizhi embedded systems is the goal of most demand. Of course, in order to reduce system power consumption, embedded system software is generally not stored on disk and other vector, and are fixed in the memory chip or memory chip into the system.

embedded systems hardware looks no different from general-purpose computer system, but also by the processor, memory, external design of all, I / O interface, graphics controller and other components. However, according to the application of embedded system characteristics, resulting in embedded systems used in terms of hardware or general-purpose computer system with a greater difference.

embedded systems to meet the speed, volume and power consumption requirements, such as operating systems, application software, data and other special needs of long-term preservation of data, often do not use the disk with large capacity and speed of such slower storage media, and most of the use of EPROM, EEPROM or flash memory (Flash Memory). Among them, the flash has a working voltage and current in normal conditions the characteristics of the erased and rewritten, the system can use the disk like that "line" to change its content, combined with increasing capacity of flash memory in recent years, the price more to lower, so now embedded system is generally used as a permanent memory to the data storage medium.

addition to A / D or D / A converters, network interface, DSP and other peripheral chips other than some general, to meet the specific requirements of embedded systems often have to use some specific peripheral chip (Application Specific Integrated Circuit, ASIC). The ASIC chip is generally set by the specific development of the various manufacturers have their own dedicated high-speed or high-performance chip, it is these chips to form a set of intellectual property rights of the manufacturer.

and size depending on the application, some of the embedded system is to use external bus. In general, after the deformation and improved PCI bus is the most embedded system bus, this bus also known as cPCI (Compect PCI). This bus is mainly in industrial environments that require continuous operation designed to set all have their own set of standards. CPCI bus is logically PCI bus expansion, the basic part of the bus is consistent with the POI, thus ensuring the development of the PCI bus driver can be used without any modification PCI bus.

order to reduce costs, reduce the size of each set, the conditions allow, some embedded system also uses a relatively low speed, capacity, and other smaller PC/104 deformation comes from the ISA bus. In short, the field of embedded system applications with the rapid expansion of the system become more and more personalized, embedded system features according to their types using the bus more and more.

In addition, in order to test the internal circuitry of the embedded processor, the processor chip, the widespread adoption of boundary scan test technology JTAG.

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