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BCM5615 and BCM5615 based on the EPON system ONU design

In Electronic Infomation Category: B | on December 31,2010

ONU hardware system design by the embedded control system hardware modules and LTC1642CGN datasheet and network exchange module of two parts. ONU embedded control module is the core of the control and LTC1642CGN price and management, it runs an embedded Linux operating system provides the hardware platform through which to achieve the exchange of network control and LTC1642CGN suppliers and configuration of the module to achieve the normal operation of the network...

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LTC1642CGN datasheetLTC1642CGN suppliersLTC1642CGN Price

The design of Linux network storage

In Electronic Infomation Category: T | on December 31,2010

1, hardware design hardware design block diagram shown in Figure 1. can be seen from Figure 1, in addition to CPU unit outside the network to achieve the main memory consists of two parts: I / O interface and AD1866R datasheet and memory interface. Below the CPU as the center, indicating that the main function of the two interfaces. ① I / O interface. This means the CPU and AD1866R price and the Ethernet interface (Ethernet in...

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FPGA + DSP + ARM-based data transfer bus converter

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on December 31,2010

Abstract: This paper presents FPGA + DSP + ARM-based data transfer bus converters overall design and TEA6422 datasheet and ARM, DSP and TEA6422 price and FPGA device selection, detailed description of the ARM and TEA6422 suppliers and DSP , DSP and FPGA interface circuit design, software design is given a detailed description of the HPI implementation process of the driver. flight control components in the test, the test system and PC have a certain dista...

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TEA6422 datasheetTEA6422 suppliersTEA6422 Price

An optimized fast template matching algorithm and applications introduced

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on December 31,2010

Abstract: An optimized fast template matching algorithm, can achieve real-time target extraction, identification and TLE6250G datasheet and tracking, and TLE6250G price and successfully applied to track the infrared thermal imaging technology research to solve the complex background tracking stability under the conditions of poor technical difficulties. The algorithm is written using Visual C + +, can be easily ported to other platforms ...

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TLE6250G datasheetTLE6250G suppliersTLE6250G Price

The GPS-based navigation terminal S3C2440 Design

In Electronic Infomation Category: T | on December 31,2010

This paper presents a ARM9 development board and DP8392CV datasheet and the GPS module for GPS navigation software and DP8392CV price and hardware terminal structure and DP8392CV suppliers and design methods. 1 GPS navigation system structure described in this article by GPS global positioning navigation system features can be embedded into the main control module, GPS module, display module, expansion module and power supply module five parts. S3C2440 p...

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DP8392CV datasheetDP8392CV suppliersDP8392CV Price

Fault-tolerant real-time embedded system design

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on December 31,2010

Fault-tolerant real-time systems research focuses on two aspects: ① improved real-time scheduling algorithm, so that to ensure real-time tasks encountered in normal operation and BT865AKRF datasheet and error, could come before the prescribed time limit the correct output. ② the past applied to a redundant fault-tolerant computer systems strategy ported to real-time systems. with hardware fault tolerance in computer s...

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BT865AKRF datasheetBT865AKRF suppliersBT865AKRF Price

Linux embedded system design, three levels

In Electronic Infomation Category: L | on December 31,2010

Embedded system design has 3 different levels: 1. Level 1: PCB CAD software and DS90LV047ATM datasheet and the ICE to the main tool for the design. It is far past designers of SCM application system has been in use in the method, the procedure is first after the abstract concrete. abstract design of embedded applications is mainly based on functional requirements to be achieved, refinement of the system functions, di...

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DS90LV047ATM datasheetDS90LV047ATM suppliersDS90LV047ATM Price

FPGA implementation of DSP embedded systems and their applications in flat panel display

In Electronic Infomation Category: F | on December 31,2010

Introduction implemented using FPGA embedded system chips are embedded in a larger duplication of computing systems to accomplish a specific function, though an implicit embedded , but in fact the chip in a variety of commonly used can be found in these embedded systems. For example, consumer electronics products, mobile phones, pagers, digital cameras, camcorders, video recorders, personal dig...

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Embedded applications to consider the security level

In Electronic Infomation Category: E | on December 31,2010

Embedded systems need a variety of security reasons, some applications, government departments need to protect sensitive data, such as: medical history, * information. Sometimes to the sales process for security, for example, the company may be sold below cost printers, printer supplies through to compensate for the high profits. Security technology can be identified by the authenticity of suppli...

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SP3220EEA datasheetSP3220EEA suppliersSP3220EEA Price

UML in Embedded Systems

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on December 31,2010

1 UML is introduced into the feasibility of embedded systems 20 century, the sixties and HCPL-2630 datasheet and seventies, the software industry faced a crisis. The reason is that increasingly large and HCPL-2630 price and complex software, and HCPL-2630 suppliers and software quality and productivity is declining. Thus promoting the birth of software engineering, making the standardization and efficiency of software development have been greatly improved. 90 ...

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