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Nucleus Plus application in embedded systems

In Electronic Infomation Category: N | on November 30,2010

For aviation / aerospace, military, defense and LXT915QC datasheet and other important applications, reliable embedded operating system Nucleus Plus. Nucleus Plus operating system source code of the United States, ATI (now Mentor Graphics ESD) new generation of embedded operating system, is preemptive multitasking real-time operating system kernel, 95% of the code written using ANSI C, very easy to transplant a varie...

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JAVA Enterprise Applications: Java implementation strategy of software engineering

In Electronic Infomation Category: J | on November 30,2010

The Java language has many features and MPC508AU datasheet and the popularity of Internet and MPC508AU price and embedded systems, has been put on the use of C + + applications written in Java software for transplantation, the proportion of activity in the software and MPC508AU suppliers and the growing process of this activity particularity, for its process control and management of traditional software development methods and activities vary, so discuss stra...

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Java Basics: C + + to Java from the need to pay attention to the place

In Electronic Infomation Category: J | on November 30,2010

1.Java in a virtual machine running Java source code is not being compiled into an ordinary machine code. It has been translated into the virtual machine can execute code. Final implementation of a Java interpreter that code. Java source code is not being compiled into an ordinary machine code. It has been translated into the virtual machine can execute code. Final implementation of a Java i...

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J2ME Application Development Networking

In Electronic Infomation Category: J | on November 30,2010

Although not ideal for wireless networks, mobile network or to our developers no small shock. After all, this really is a wonderful thing, is not it? This article describes how to use J2ME platform, developed in the framework of common networking networking applications. First, we must point out: MIDP stipulates that any mobile information devices must be provided through the http protocol suppo...

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Beginners how to learn J2ME

In Electronic Infomation Category: B | on November 30,2010

1. Have a good basis for java language, java language do not learn to pick up a book J2ME point of view. This effect is not good, on the contrary if you have a good language base, then java, J2ME becomes relatively easy to grasp! 2. If you decide to start learning J2ME, and TDA1308T datasheet and then the first thing you should know the architecture of J2ME is what. When you really know the relationship between a Con...

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Laymans language: What is Java-based chain of responsibility pattern

In Electronic Infomation Category: L | on November 30,2010

I. Introduction chain of responsibility pattern at first glance, you can not help think of a previously heard of the comic: dental treatment. That is, when a dental patient, the doctor does not care to remove a tooth fell into the patient throat. The case was therefore a lot of the running upstairs and TPS61041DBVR datasheet and downstairs sections, and TPS61041DBVR price and finally ended without result. Chain of Responsibility pattern is s...

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Detailed assembly Delay Program Algorithm

In Electronic Infomation Category: D | on November 30,2010

Repeatedly execute a summary of the computer program in order to achieve the purpose of delay as the software delay, microcontroller applications often need a short delay, and TPS54610PWP datasheet and sometimes requires very high precision, on-line or in the book although there are ready-made formula can be applied However, to explain in some algorithm errors are found, and TPS54610PWP price and that delay did not know the specific algorithm ...

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73M2901-based remote data transmission system

In Electronic Infomation Category: 7 | on November 30,2010

Abstract A remote data transmission system. The health system is a communication cable part of the monitoring system is based on μC / OS-II software platform, using LPC2132 controlled Modem chip 73M2901, via telephone lines for data remote transmission. The program is reliable, low cost, easy to upgrade, can be widely used in industrial remote monitoring, smart home, unattended sites and NDS8936 datasheet and other fi...

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"Hard real-time" breathe new life into the Linux

In Electronic Infomation Category: - | on November 30,2010

To Linux as a software development and AD827JR datasheet and electronic equipment operating platform, which has become a hot topic in the field of device software, electronic products that may indeed bring many benefits to manufacturers. However, Linux has been only able to provide soft real-time (soft real-time) performance, and AD827JR price and in automotive control, industrial control, telecommunications infrastructure needs of har...

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UC / OS and UCLinux comparison

In Electronic Infomation Category: U | on November 30,2010

With the rapid development of modern computer technology and XC9536-10VQ44C datasheet and extensive application of Internet technology, a transition from pc to personal digital assistants, handheld personal computers and XC9536-10VQ44C price and information appliances as the representative of 3c (computer, communications, consumer electronics), after one pc era. Post-pc era, embedded systems play an increasingly important role, is widely used in inf...

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