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X86-based SoC solutions for information appliances

In Electronic Infomation Category: X | on November 30,2010

Recent years, "information appliances" in the market, it has become fashionable. Information appliances can be any Internet access can offer convenience products such as set-top boxes, home gateways, personal portable devices, personal digital assistants, smart phones and SN74HC74DR datasheet and other equipment. As consumer demand and SN74HC74DR price and rapidly changing characteristics of information appliances, so time to market, meet the needs of the product features and SN74HC74DR suppliers and an acceptable price and other factors increasingly critical. Therefore, carefully check the following a few guidelines will help to develop information appliances.

low power consumption. This criterion is the decisive factor in the success of mobile, low power consumption of these products, it means longer running time and standby time. For information appliances, it is also a very important criteria. And the PC is different from most household electrical appliances, such as VCR and audio, only issued a small noise, and does not require cooling fans; and PC usually need to configure both ugly and noisy cooling fan. In addition, the program also means that low power from the larger heatsink and fan of the constraints, which can be designed with the consumer-oriented tiny and sleek style of the products appearance.

high level of integration. VCR and DVD market history reveals that the appropriate price for consumer electronics products, has a great influence market growth. When priced between 300 dollars and 500 dollars, these products are considered to be "willing to buy" the object, and have higher annual sales; but when the price below 300 dollars given to these products will become "must buy" the object of everyday supplies to thousands of families into an irresistible trend. In order to create this consumer demand, and information appliances must be highly integrated System on Chip (SoC) solutions to achieve the consumer can not imagine the price, sleek look and rich features.

rich functionality. The primary function of information appliances to access the Internet and browse the various web sites. In order to attract non-professional users of ordinary consumers, a growing number of Web sites used a variety of interactive multimedia technologies to dress themselves, such as Java Virtual Machine, Macromedias Flash, real-time audio and real-time video. Some sites even different video formats such as MPEG 1, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4, to provide video streaming or video on demand (VOD) functions. PC development is driven by the technical specifications, contrast, real-world information appliances is driven by application requirements, they must have sufficient capabilities to provide consumers with rich multimedia Internet experience.

and x86 compatibility. Most browsers today not only have basic Internet surfing capabilities, but also use plug-in interface to expand its capabilities. PC users accounted for the majority of the Internet world, so most of the slots are developed for the x86 PC. Therefore, information appliances based on x86 CPUs program can easily accept these existing resources. In addition, after several decades of development, x86 PC industry has accumulated in all aspects of unparalleled resources: from hardware to software, from components to systems, from designers to manufacturers and so on. Use of these resources and will be based on x86 can speed up product development cycles and time to market.

multiple operating system compatibility. Wide range of information appliances applications require different operating systems, such as Window CE, Linux and other embedded real time operating system (RTOS). For example, the communication gateway requires real-time processing capability to ensure that the connection to the communication channel. In this case, the use of real-time RTOS and high-performance CPU core will provide deterministic operation behavior. Some software simulation and dynamic compiler technology as a natural response to slow and uncertainties, it is difficult to execute well real-time applications, such as software modems.

An x86 SoC as the market provider, Rise Technology Company is using its low-power, high-performance P6 series iDragon mP6 CPU core developed a series of applications for the information appliance customized SoC products. In a live demonstration, iDragon mP6 processor uses only a single standard AA batteries will be able to play multiple consecutive VCD movies. This demonstration shows, iDragon mP6 multimedia processor core in the future potential of handheld product applications is not small.

Rise Technology Company as early as 2000, has released its first SoC product iDragon SCX501. SCX501 by a fifth-generation x86 core, a synchronous DRAM controller, a two-dimensional graphics acceleration engine, a video input port, three linear filter, a TV output encoder and a video line of pipeline and to support PCI, ISA and IDE interface logic. Video line pipe used to perform the following functions, such as video window scaling, color space conversion and for the PiP (Picture in Picture) features color / color keying and so on. All-pass characteristics with video PiP feature allows SCX501 a iSTB, iDVD, iPVR and iTV applications can be customized solutions.

this year, Rise will release a series of iDragon SoC products, mainly aimed at a variety of information appliance applications. Especially in the second half, iDragon SoC products, including Rise of low-power, high-performance P6 series mP6 CPU cores will be used for upcoming information appliances, these products will be available to consumers a rich Web browsing and multimedia experience.

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