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New SCOPIA Platform: HD and SD perfectly compatible with the weapon

In Electronic Infomation Category: N | on November 30,2010

News video conferencing technology as implemented voice, video, data and MMPQ2222A datasheet and other information integrated with the long-distance transmission, when the people making use of remote video communication technology can hear each others voices, they can see each other moving images and MMPQ2222A price and content, greatly enhancing the exchange of intimacy and MMPQ2222A suppliers and presence in different places. With the video conferencing market demand for the rapid growth of demand for differentiation has become increasingly evident, but users of video conferencing application results are very satisfactory degree of satisfaction. A survey shows that clarity, delay, bandwidth, stability, stubbornly high prices and the promotion of mode operators are impeding the development of video conferencing industry, the important factors, including the clarity of the video is one of the most important factors .

high-definition video and challenges

dating back three years ago, if the time, and perhaps few people know the concept of high-definition video conferencing, and now, HD has become a major domestic and foreign manufacturers territory of one of the greatest concern, are to meet the needs of users have launched their own high-definition solutions, the concept of this new high-definition in a fierce battle the competition.

from October 2005, the United States launched the first LifeSize high definition video communications system - LifeSize Room began, followed in August 2006, Ted also introduced business and personal communications for high-definition video conferencing systems , covering the desktop, conference, infrastructure, management platform and other aspects; In addition, Polycom, Sony and other traditional telecommunications giant from voice, video, data and Web multimedia applications in areas such collaboration cut the HD market.

However, at present the application of high-definition video conferencing is not ideal, more is still in a conceptual stage. The main constraints are few.

First of all, hinder the popularity of high definition video conferencing biggest problem is price. HD conferencing systems currently on the market price and the price of standard-definition conferencing system, or have a very large gap. As HD than standard definition conferencing system needs more processing power, which is currently on the market some of the more popular high-definition video conferencing systems, or a high-definition standard port port need to pay 3 times to 4 times the price, either through low-quality high-definition (HD) results (10-6fps) to reduce the occupancy of resources to reduce the price per port. It is understood that some foreign manufacturers a 20-port HD MCU starting price to $ 50,000, the average price per port down about 3 thousand dollars, and does not include gatekeeper (gatekeeper), streaming media management and desktop terminal costs.

Another challenge is the high-definition video and standard definition video conferencing system compatibility problems. Most manufacturers of high-definition video conferencing system to support high-definition format only, and not with the SD format, system interoperability, which means that, if the user needs to enjoy high-definition products, then, the previous standard definition device may be Since then, "out the shadows", invested heavily in pre-launched for the SD users of video conferencing, no doubt, will greatly increase the cost of IT investments, increase the burden on business.

how HD and SD compatible?

experts noted the importance of starting from the underlying protocol, providing compatibility with both HD and standard definition video format communication protocol and the background of products in order to fundamentally HD and SD to break the barriers between. For this to give manufacturers and users feel a headache, the worlds leading provider of unified communications platform, RADVISION filed a new solution, launched a new version of its SCOPIA MCU products, not only can different brands, types of terminals fully compatible, but also can realize high-definition video conferencing and standard definition video conferencing terminal hybrid access terminal MCU products, you can guarantee the effective realization of different brands, different types (including high definition, standard definition) video hybrid access terminal to ensure that in the future system the continuous expansion and terminal equipment purchases, you can not limited to high-definition or standard definition video conferencing video conference terminal end of the selection, the flexibility to be based around economic conditions and network conditions, select high-definition video conferencing terminal, or standard-definition video conferencing terminal.

It is understood, SCOPIA platform to achieve high definition and standard definition terminal end of the full access to the product. Based on RADVISIONs standards and compatibility, RADVISION provides industry-leading technology products and network products, has become the basis for the field of multimedia communications "component", is widely used in the world telecommunications operators, government, large enterprises and distance education and telemedicine and other fields.

compatible back

s outstanding accomplishments in compatible RADVISION from deep technical skills. RADVISION is the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) members, H.323 protocol of the important promoters in the world, about three hundred IP video equipment manufacturers with RADVISION H.323 protocol stack as the underlying core technology, to develop related products and services, thus ensuring the RADVISION MCU with the industry to the mainstream of all relevant products are the best compatibility. This is the other MCU vendors can not match.

RADVISION has been committed to provide users with better video quality, the design of the MCU also applied a lot of advanced technology and the best processing chip, so that the MCU can provide excellent image quality. Specifically, SCOPIA MCU protection mainly from the following aspects of the quality of the meeting:

First, SCOPIA with carrier-grade pure hardware design, all the audio and video cards are used by Texas Instruments chip The latest DM64X family of chips, support for powerful video codec capability, video can be completed (H.261/H.263/H.264) 2M bandwidth, etc. In the video encoding format conversion, powerful chip processing power to support both HD720/HD1080P high-definition image format, and other widescreen image formats including 288P, 384P, 448P, 480P, 576P, etc.; also supports split-screen high-definition format HD720P applications and HD (high definition video) and SD (standard definition video) hybrid applications, to ensure the rationalization of user investment. The chip also is provided for each port the same capabilities, including double / multisection screen / mixed-speed applications, and other mixed use, and will not sacrifice port capacity, to ensure that users investment.

Secondly, using the industrys high-end modular hardware design CPCI, plug and play.

third, with industry-leading third generation of embedded real time operating system Vxworks5.x + DSP design, the system is widely used in aerospace, military and other fields, such as: F-16, Mars, and the Divine series of spacecraft are measured using the system.

Fourth, the H.264 has a strong capacity. HD Video conferencing can be an important prerequisite for large-scale application is the use of the H.264 codec standard. Is very suitable for video conferencing H.264 codec technology. Although H.263 and previous algorithms, it requires more processing performance, but after 2004 the production of most video conferencing systems, including H.264. It provides high-quality video transmission and low latency encoding and decoding, so that the video stream is more fluent, natural. In fact, H.264 H.263 efficiency is twice the rate in a particular line have twice the video quality. In addition, some enhanced H.264 technology also includes interactive video error concealment algorithm, this technology can automatically adjust the video processing, even in the network overload, unstable, or an error rate of the circumstances, to ensure that operations can be freely and provide higher quality visual enjoyment.

RADVISION SCOPIA MCU support rate of 64Kbps-2Mbps H.264 calls; support the H.264 codec with 16-way split-screen function; support dual stream H.264 encoding and decoding methods and encryption; support for H. 264 and H.263/H.261 encoding such a mixture. More outstanding in the industry with H.264 processing power.

Fifth, the built-in support for 4CIF and mixed encrypted. RADVISION SCOPIA MCU devices built ability to support 4CIF, without additional hardware or licensing restrictions, users can bring freedom to enjoy high-quality 4CIF image effect. At the same time, SCOPIA MCU codec also supports 4CIF ability to achieve by re-encoding support 4CIF hyperfractionated screen, allowing users to experience a higher quality of multisection screen display.

Finally, separate treatment of each video. RADVISION SCOPIA MCU using advanced treatment, respectively, connected to each separate video processing mechanism for handling such a great video connection for each optimized efficiency and quality, to improve the system compatibility and security of each video stream the best results. Each terminal user can use any of the rates (64Kbps-2Mbps), video codecs, audio codecs, image format, frame rate to join the same conference, and the application of pay would simultaneously screen, double, FECC and other functions, there is no restrictions, also benefited from these powerful features for each SCOPIA MCU uses advanced video processing system.

Overall, RADVISION SCOPIA MCU allows the user to the video conferencing system has a wider range of connectivity and compatibility, user video conferencing system for the sustainable development laid a solid foundation.

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