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X86-64 architecture-based processor model how compatible applications

In Electronic Infomation Category: X | on November 30,2010

Computing platform to enable users from a 32-64 smooth transition architecture, AMD has developed a unique X86-64 structure. Some of the current 64-bit platform than the structure based on X86 processors can be achieved on the existing 32-bit program is fully compatible with, and TOP223YN datasheet and this mode of operation is completely compatible with hardware-based, rather than by the low efficiency of analog 32-bi...

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X86-based SoC solutions for information appliances

In Electronic Infomation Category: X | on November 30,2010

Recent years, "information appliances" in the market, it has become fashionable. Information appliances can be any Internet access can offer convenience products such as set-top boxes, home gateways, personal portable devices, personal digital assistants, smart phones and SN74HC74DR datasheet and other equipment. As consumer demand and SN74HC74DR price and rapidly changing characteristics of information appliances, so time to market, meet th...

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Tensilica Xtensa series of enhancements, add new hardware option, the bus bridge and software tools

In Electronic Infomation Category: T | on November 30,2010

Tensilica has announced the completion of its Xtensa configurable processor family (Xtensa 7 and NC7SZ32M5X datasheet and Xtensa LX2) to upgrade, add new hardware options and NC7SZ32M5X price and software enhancements to make it more suitable for SoC (System on Chip) design engineers demand. Added features include support for a new, smaller general purpose register file, a new integer multiplier and NC7SZ32M5X suppliers and divider operation unit, 2 new AMBA ? (3.0 A...

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ARM in C and assembly programming and sample

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on November 30,2010

In embedded systems development, currently used mainly and AD768AR datasheet and assembler programming language is C, C + + compiler has been a corresponding, but now use is still relatively small. In a little large-scale embedded software, such as containing the OS, most of the code is written using C, mainly because the structure of C language better, to facilitate peoples understanding, and AD768AR price and there are a lot of suppor...

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Atmel ARM9-based Microcontroller

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on November 30,2010

Atmel Corporation (Atmel Corporation) announced the ARM9-based interactive graphical user interface (GUI) microcontrollers AT91SAM9RL64, ideal for high data throughput and MAX712CSE datasheet and peripherals and MAX712CSE price and OS support for the realization of "smart" control panel applications , which provides content access features include View user manuals, video clips and MAX712CSE suppliers and audio content, and control functions for the system to prov...

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Award-winning Xilinx 65nm Virtex-5 family of three new devices

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on November 30,2010

Xilinx announced that its award-winning 65nm Virtex ? -5 LX and TL071CP datasheet and LXT FPGA platform, adding three new small scale package devices to meet the emerging market for programmable logic device cost and TL071CP price and density requirements. Logic Optimization of the LX platform, which increased the Virtex-5 LX155 device, Virtex-5 LXT platform increased by LX20T and TL071CP suppliers and LX155T devices, plus a low-power transceivers with the s...

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Actel Libero IDE v8.1 release version of Power Portable Design

In Electronic Infomation Category: A | on November 30,2010

Order to expand its industry-leading chip and LF442CN datasheet and system-specific level to save power solutions, Actel Corporation today announced the new version of Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE). with important new features include power-driven layout, enabling designers to further optimize the design, and LF442CN price and reduce the typical design of the dynamic power consumption up to 30%. Liberos SmartPower throug...

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New SCOPIA Platform: HD and SD perfectly compatible with the weapon

In Electronic Infomation Category: N | on November 30,2010

News video conferencing technology as implemented voice, video, data and MMPQ2222A datasheet and other information integrated with the long-distance transmission, when the people making use of remote video communication technology can hear each others voices, they can see each other moving images and MMPQ2222A price and content, greatly enhancing the exchange of intimacy and MMPQ2222A suppliers and presence in different places. With the video conferencing market ...

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Marvell introduced by Qdeo video processing technology, integrated chassis LCD TV Reference Design

In Electronic Infomation Category: M | on November 30,2010

2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) - storage, communications and MAX912CSE datasheet and consumer silicon solutions, the leader in Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL) today introduced a complete HD-ready (HD-ready) hardware and MAX912CSE price and software solutions for LCD TV (LCD- TV) chassis 88DE2710-WX. 88DE2710-WX reference design has adopted Qdeo (TM) video processing technology, Marvell (R) 88DE2710 digital video format converter that supports ...

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JEDA Announces used in ESL design tools for code coverage

In Electronic Infomation Category: J | on November 30,2010

JEDA Technologies has released a code coverage tool NSCvCC. The product is suitable based on C / C + + and TEA1062A datasheet and SystemC designs, especially for model developers, platform developers, system designers and TEA1062A price and architects. NSCvCC fast code coverage checking can help to measure IP model quality, identify the code is not executed. At the same time, NSCvCC can help measure the integrity of test cases to impro...

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